IFCS - Sustainable development

Sustainable Development

IFCS solutions can implement the six strategies for investing in sustainable development:


1) Increase productivity

Senergy EAM / CMMS Increase productivity

Reduce energy expenditure

Increase equipment reliability

Energetic and environmental evaluations

2) Reduce waste and losses

Senergy CMMS d/veloppement durable

Control consumables

Improve maintenance processes

Select best components


3) Reinvest in the existing capital

Réduction du déficit d'entretien

Reduce maintenance deficit

Analyze reasons for breakdowns

Increase asset life

4) Invest in diversity and creativity

Senergy CMMS énergie

Research and development centers

Innovative solutions


5) Promote local economic development


Establish local structures

Develop local expertise

6) Consume less, consume better


Promote product quality rather than quantity

Buy Locally


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