Our corporate solution is designed for large companies and public or private organizations that want to manage their maintenance process in an integrated and centralized manner. Senergy Corporate is a certified maintenance management application, that makes it possible to track the complete lifecycle of all assets of the organization.

Unlike traditional CMMS products, ours is the only application offering secure deployment of equipment down to the smallest unit based on a single central database.

The Senergy Corporate solution for large companies and organizations

Senergy Corporate integrates all security functions needed to manage users and other actors at all levels of the corporation: head office, agency, establishment, site, client, departments, locations, maintenance zones, etc.

Senergy Corporate manages assets locally while reconciling data at all hierarchical levels, in order to provide a standardized, homogeneous view. Unitary or global performance indicators can thus be tracked in order to determine the root causes of failure or success.

Service requests

The Senergy "Service Requests" module is a Web component that allows all corporate employees, clients or any other actor, to rapidly and simply issue work requests and track their evolution, in real time, as tasks are completed by maintenance teams.

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Using Senergy Corporate, preventive maintenance is monitored by rigorous procedures. Preventive maintenance is performed on the required dates according to a well-defined recurrence. Work orders are issued automatically and sent to the personnel concerned (internal or external). This process makes it possible to achieve higher availability of equipment in order to improve service to agencies, sites and clients, while meeting regulatory and administrative obligations.

Senergy Corporate integrates the whole corrective maintenance process, from the service request and planning of work orders, to the completion of tasks and the recording of work history. Senergy Corporate also includes modules for managing the parts inventory, the buying process, inspection, geolocation, time management, counters and monitoring performance indicators.

Industry norms and standards

Senergy Corporate integrates industry standards in its basic version:

  • The UNIFORMAT II nomenclature used in property management for asset classification;
  • ECRI (Emergency Care Research Institute) nomenclature used by organizations in the healthcare sector;
  • The Senergy solution is integrated with the ArchiDATA computerized drawing management system;
  • Senergy software is certified MSSS/RTSS.

Several corporative references

  • Groupe Suez
  • Fabricom-GTI
  • Olymel
  • Baxter's Canada
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