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Our product is addressed to maintenance departments in biomedical technologies that want to achieve control of their equipment inventory. Senergy Biomedical is a certified inventory management application, based on the full equipment lifecycle. Unlike traditional CMMS products, ours is the only software application standardized according to the norms and references of the biomedical sector in Québec.

The Senergy Biomedical solution for maintenance departments in biomedical technologies La solution Senergy-biomédical pour les départements de maintenance en technologies biomédicales

Senergy Biomedical makes it possible for maintenance departments in biomedical technologies to manage their equipment inventories, and track regulatory maintenance as well as service requests and corrective work orders.

Senergy Biomedical makes it possible to achieve higher availability of equipment in order to protect patients, while meeting regulatory and administrative obligations set by the government.

With Senergy Biomedical you set up processes to trace equipment using integrated technological modules specific to the needs of biomedical engineering. Labelling and identification of equipment, with standard biomedical nomenclature as well as technological support targeted to the hospital environment. Geo-location and tracking of equipment in real time. Document management, equipment history (from the deployment process, through the monitoring of warranties, service contracts and maintenance, until decommissioning and preservation of data for more than 10 years).

Industry norms and standards

Senergy integrates industry standards in its basic version:

  • GBM (Groupe Biomédicale Montérégie) nomenclature, which gives access to the catalogue of GBM reference equipment;
  • ECRI (Emergency Care Research Institute) nomenclature);
  • APIBQ (Association des Physiciens et Ingénieurs Biomédicaux du Québec) nomenclature;
  • GBM standardized maintenance procedures;
  • Senergy is certified MSSS/RTSS software.


IFCS is a member of associations that work to uphold and improve standards and technologies in the healthcare sector:

CMBES: The Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society is the main engineering organization in medicine and biology in Canada. It is affiliated with the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE).

SOQIBS: The Société québécoise d'informatique biomédicale et de la santé (SoQibs) is a French-language association founded in 2001 to promote the optimal use of the computer in Quebec healthcare through the mobilization of clinical practitioners, managers, decision makers, researchers, entrepreneurs and other actors in the health sector, and the general public.


"Senergy Biomedical is the most complete solution that adapts to the specific needs of each user."
Coordinator and biomedical engineer


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