Municipal Management

Senergy is the maintenance management application for managing both fleets of vehicles, and buildings or infrastructures.Our product is designed for municipalities that want to integrate the maintenance of all their equipment and infrastructures. Senergy is the maintenance management application for managing both fleets of vehicles, and buildings or infrastructures. Unlike traditional CMMS products, our product is the only application that makes it possible to manage the equipment of a municipality as an integrated corporation.

The Senergy solution for municipal maintenance departments :

  • Management of the vehicle fleet (garage)
  • Management of infrastructures (public works) and networks (water, sewers, electricity)
  • Property management
  • Management of wastewater treatment stations

Citizen request module

The Senergy "Service Requests" module is a Web component that allows all municipal employees or citizens, to rapidly and simply issue work requests and track their evolution, in real time, as tasks are completed by maintenance teams. The requests can be variable. They may concern anything from repairs to be made to the road network to various complaints by citizens.

Integration with cartographic systems

The Senergy solution for municipalities can be integrated with geographic information solutions. The service requests or citizen requests are shown on the city map, and all equipment and maintenance tasks can be directly retrieved from the geographic interface.

Field readings

A complete module, based on mobile technology, enables maintenance teams to perform simple and effective inventory counts of equipment and track work progress on the site or in the shop.

The module includes the following elements :

  • Robust mobile devices
  • Recording of the equipment data sheet (manufacturer, model, serial number, year of purchase, etc.)
  • Photographing of equipment
  • Transfer and synchronization of data with the central database
  • Labelling of equipment
  • Etc.


The Senergy inspection module can interactively track progress of work in the field, compared to specifications, based on mobile devices and cell phone technologies such as PDA, Pocket PC, and Mobile Telephony.

All solutions for all your needs!

Thanks to Senergy, preventive maintenance is monitored by rigorous procedures. Preventive maintenance is performed on the required dates according to a well-defined recurrence. Work orders are issued automatically and sent to the personnel concerned (internal or external). This process makes it possible to achieve higher availability of equipment in order to improve service to citizens, while meeting regulatory and administrative obligations set by the municipality.

Senergy integrates the whole corrective maintenance process, from the service request and planning of work orders, to the completion of tasks and the recording of work history. Senergy includes modules for managing the parts inventory, the buying process, inspection, geolocation, time management, odometers and other counters.

A few references in the municipal sector

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  • Sherbrooke city
  • Rosemère city
  • Hawkesbury city
  • Westmount city
  • Saint-Jean city
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