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Asset Management Products

Used and appreciated around the world, IFCS products for asset management, energy efficiency and documentation make it possible for maintenance managers and professionals to implement standardized solutions.

In accordance with the methodologies specific to each industry, our applications work to continually improve the management of equipment maintenance as well as the quality and safety of services, while decreasing their costs.

The ease of use, flexibility and high configurability of our products is based on the proprietary, innovative technology for accessing and managing information developed by IFCS over the last 20 years.

Senergy EAM/CMMS
An integral part of optimizing maintenance processes, Senergy is THE premier solution in the field of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. It meets all maintenance needs - preventive, conditional and corrective - and complies with applicable standards and certifications (ISO, HACCP, PMP, ECRI, APIBQ, UNIFORMAT II, MSSS/RTSS, SHSTC/CNAS, etc.)

PlannExpert v9
PlannExpert is an application GMAO/GAE and responds to your maintenance & management needs . This powerful software is used by companies of all sizes and acts as foundation on which is based their integrated maintenance strategies. PlannExpert is ideal for companies with decentralized maintenance services or mobile maintenance units , managed globally or individually, and with the same efficiency.

Building Management Products

This powerful building technical management tool, analyzes and stores nonstop all the data read by your centralized regulation and control system. In addition to the diagnostics, DABOTM suggests corrective actions that can be implemented by the maintenance team even before problems manifest themselves.

Created with ORACLE tools and database, accessible on all platforms (Linux, Microsoft, MacOS, etc.), IFCS solutions are accessible through the WEB (XML, PHP, etc.).

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