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Senergy : the ideal solution for property management and maintenance!Les gestionnaires immobiliers font appel à Senergy EAM / GMAO en raison de sa flexibilité, de son adaptabilité et de son caractère évolutif

The Senergy property management application handles all of your asset management requirements according to best practices of the building management sector as well as automating the billing process. In addition to the preventive management of equipment and fixed assets, real estate groups must provide common services to their tenants, according to certain specific criteria such as, for example, their locations.

Property managers, call on Senergy EAM / CMMS because of its flexibility, adaptability and evolvability.

Service requests

The Senergy Service Requests module is a Web component that allows employees, clients or any other actor, to rapidly and simply issue work orders and track their evolution, in real time, as tasks are completed by maintenance teams. The requests can be variable. They may cover any need, from thermal comfort and cleaning, to equipment breakdowns.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Thanks to Senergy, the tracking of preventive maintenance is controlled by rigorous procedures. Preventive maintenance is performed on the required dates according to a well-defined recurrency. Work orders are issued automatically and sent to the personnel concerned (internal or external). Management of corrective maintenance includes everything from the tenant's request to final billing.

A return on investment right from the first year!

The impacts of Senergy implementation are clearly visible from the very beginning:

  • service requests are executed online, using the Senergy Service Requests module;
  • tenants and managers can find the status of their service requests in real time;
  • the time spent on calls and processing of service requests is greatly reduced;
  • on average, service requests are treated within less than 24 hours;
  • the downtime of critical equipment (such as heating in winter and air conditioning in summer) is decreased;
  • the billing process is considerably simplified.

All solutions for all your needs !

In addition to managing assets, property managers use Senergy for providing customer service (communications to tenants, access cards, etc.), as a checklist for specific activities (installation and removal of Christmas decorations, winter carpets,renewal of leases, etc.), for planning workflows, etc.

A CMMS changes from one building to another in accordance with its class and size. Unlike other CMMS software, "Senergy can be adapted right down to the colour of our walls." Pierre Saucier, Building Manager – LSR Immobilier

Since its creation, the Senergy Computerized Maintenance Management System has been used and appreciated for equipment maintenance and tracking in the property management sector. The maintenance and tracking of assets is primordial for their long-term preservation.

A few references in the property Management sector !

  • Immobilière Banque Nationale Inc. (IBNI) LSR Immobilier - Quebec, Canada, www.bnc.ca
  • Hu Bin Xin Cheng ShangWu Da Sha - Su Qian, Jiang Su, China
  • INRS Eau Terre Environnement - Institut Armand Frappier - Quebec, Canada / www.iaf.inrs

Testimonials !

"Senergy is a real management tool, it allows us to evaluate our costs, our equipment, and our work teams. Our next step is to use Senergy for the allocation of costs."

"We like working with IFCS, the company that developed the CMMS Senergy application. With IFCS, we feel we are partners and not just customers."

Diane Sauvé, Implementation Manager - LSR Immobilier

"Some new management projects were on the table, and we wanted to purchase a highly flexible application that could keep pace with new acquisitions and procedures in order to meet our future needs."

"Senergy can be used both by Property Managers and Facility Managers."

Pierre Saucier, Building Manager - LSR Immobilier


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