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Technical Support

The IFCS team offers you the kind of technical support you expect and deserve. Our technicians are always available to serve clients. You can reach the support team by phone, e-mail, or through our Web request module available to all clients.

To guarantee a rapid response, all clients can choose to subscribe to "Gold Level" support

Gold Level support guarantees immediate consideration of requests from identified users (telephone, Skype, e-mail, etc.).

If the incident cannot be resolved immediately, the user is informed of the time required for a solution and will be recontacted before this time is up.

A "Technological Consulting" service is available to Gold Level support subscribers for technological recommendations (environments and technological infrastructures).

"Silver Level" support: 3-5 User Licenses

The "Silver Level" support guarantees to identified users, taking account of their requests in a maximum period of 24 working hours if the request is not an urgent priority. If the request issued can not be resolved within this delay, the user is informed of the time required to its treatment and will be contacted again on expiry of that period.

"Bronze Level" support: 1-2 User Licenses

The carrier "Bronze level" is used especially for small businesses with few users of the software. There customer request will be considered within a maximum of 2 working days if the request is not an urgent priority.

Annual updates

Technical support includes the delivery of new versions on the client's request, as they become available. At least one new version is produced every year.

Issues covered by technical support:

  • Correction of bugs or possible software malfunction,
  • Transmission of files, scripts, corrective procedures, by e-mail,
  • Database support,
  • Visit of an IFCS technician, if necessary,
  • New software versions (excluding installation and training),
  • Preferential hourly rate for any development request.

(At our standard hourly rate ) the IFCS team is available to help the client solve the following problems:

  • Restoring databases,
  • Assistance in server configuration and optimization (by phone and e-mail),
  • Guidance on backup procedures,
  • Recommendations for data base migration (versions or operating system),
  • Data structure modifications.

* IFCS does not substitute itself for companies such as Oracle or Microsoft; direct support from these companies can sometimes be necessary.

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