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Senergy est un logiciel de gestion des actifs homologué, qui permet de suivre le cycle de vie complet des équipementsOur product is designed for technical services departments that want to bring their maintenance process under control, from the service request to the completion of the task.

Senergy is a certified asset management application, based on the full equipment lifecycle. Unlike traditional CMMS products, ours is the only software application standardized according to the norms and references of the medical field and asset management in Québec.

The Senergy solution for technical services

The Senergy asset management application manages all of your assets according to established requirements in the healthcare field, for building management and call centre automation.

The Senergy mobility module performs inventory and tracking of assets.

Senergy includes complete management of inventory and stores. Senergy integrates easily with already existing purchasing or accounting software, such as that from Logibec or Medisolutions.

Senergy gives managers all the information needed for short- and long-term financial planning. Hospital managers use Senergy EAM / CMMS because of its flexibility, adaptability and evolvability.

Service requests

The Senergy "Service Requests" module is a Web component that allows all employees of the establishment, clients or any other actor, to rapidly and simply issue work orders and track their evolution, in real time, as tasks are completed by maintenance teams. The requests can be variable. They may cover any need, from thermal comfort and cleaning, to equipment breakdowns.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Thanks to Senergy, the tracking of preventive maintenance is controlled by rigorous procedures. Preventive maintenance is performed on the required dates according to a well-defined recurrency. Work orders are issued automatically and sent to the personnel concerned (internal or external). This process makes it possible to achieve higher availability of equipment in order to protect patients, while meeting regulatory and administrative obligations set by the government.

Senergy integrates the whole corrective maintenance process, from the service request and planning of work orders, to the completion of tasks and the recording of work history. Senergy includes the Promasys modules specifications and inspection, specifically for planning and tracking Hygiene and Cleanliness workflows.

A return on investment right from the first year !

The impacts of Senergy implementation are clearly visible from the very beginning:

  • service requests are executed online, using the Senergy Service Requests module ;
  • the different departments and employees can find the status of their requests in real time;
  • the time spent on calls and processing of service requests is greatly reduced;
  • on average, service requests are treated within less than 24 hours;
  • the downtime of critical equipment is decreased;
  • asset and investment reports are issued automatically.


Industry norms and standards

Senergy integrates industry standards in its basic version:

  • The UNIFORMAT II nomenclature used for asset classification;
  • ECRI (Emergency Care Research Institute) nomenclature;
  • The Senergy solution is integrated with the ArchiDATA computerized plan management system;
  • Senergy is certified MSSS/RTSS software.



"Senergy was chosen as a result of a long selection process. It meets all our evolving needs in asset management."

Ste Justine, Hospital Building Services Mechanical Technician


"The power and user-friendliness of SENERGY were overriding factors in our choice, because it lets us manage all our property and biomedical assets in complete security."

CSSS (Health and Social Service Centre) West Island, Director technical services


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